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A little bit of a miracle…

One of the great things about what we do as photographers is that we are able to, in so many ways through out the year, give back to our community. Our little town has given us SO MUCH, the people in our community are the same people that allow us to chase our dreams, who encourage us when we feel like we’re a hot mess or we have some crazy new idea. They are also the people that come together in times of great tragedy like Hurricane Sandy and help us raise over $3000 for relief efforts and the same people that help us raise over $3000 to help the Animal Shelter deliver much needed medical care to their animals.

It is because of this, that I know what the HGP Family is capable of. I know what we can do and I know that we can make a HUGE difference when someone is in need. You all have some of the BIGGEST hearts and I have seen big things happen when I reach out to you all for help in making a miracle happen for someone in need.


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Meet Jim and Lauren Adams.  They have two little girls, Toni and Gianna.  They lost everything (including Toni and Gianna’s pet bunny, all of the groceries they had just purchased for the winter and so much more) in a tragic house fire just a few days ago.  Lauren started out as an HGP bride, but she is also a fellow photographer and has become a very dear friend of mine and Megans.  These two have HUGE hearts and we know that if the tables were turned, they would be doing the same for us.

When I talked to Lauren, she was most concerned about feeding her family… they had just stocked up on groceries for the winter and now it was all gone.  She was also so worried about the toll that this was going to take on her girls, as you can imagine it has been hard on them, they don’t understand.  Gianna, their oldest, is a HUGE girly girl and has lost all of her pretty little tights, dresses and hair bows.  Toni lost all of her toys, clothes and dress up set.  They were told by insurance that they could rent an apartment and they would be reimbursed later while they rebuild, but the security deposit must come out of pocket and will not be reimbursed and who knows how long it will take for insurance to come through.  Lauren and Jim do not need the added stress of dealing with carrying a mortgage and paying rent while displaced from this fire.

I am going out on a limb here because we NEED to help this family.  They are one of our own.  The saved and saved to have HGP at their wedding and then became amazing friends.  So, here is my plan.

I want to be able to gift them with financial assistance that will IMMEDIATELY help them to get back on their feet and cover the immediate expenses that they are facing.  They need to return their life to as normal as possible as fast as possible for their girls, those girls deserve to smile.

I have decided that I will offer TEN mini sessions the first weekend in May (Saturday or Sunday… I will let you choose as it gets closer!)  and all of the proceeds will go to the Adams Family.  Each mini session will be 20-25 minutes in length, held at the same Cape May location as Shoots for the Shore and will include 10 final, fully retouched images with a release for printing.  The cost of these sessions will be $250 and payment will be due immediately to reserve one of the very limited spots.

If you are unable to take part in one of the mini sessions, I am asking, no… pleading to each of you to give up the Starbucks today and send that few dollars to the Adams Family, if you can spare it.  I am hopeful that we can do something really amazing really fast.

We are choosing to take donations via PayPal because there are NO FEES removed which means 100% of your donations will go to Jim, Lauren, Gianna and Toni as long as you GIFT the donation via this email address: rachel.e.gallagher@gmail.com

Many people have also asked what they could donate that was NOT money, they had little girls clothes or toys and they wanted to know the families sizes and information to gift them with immediate help in that area.  Below is that information.  If you would like to donate something tangible to the Adams Family, please email me at rachel@hellogorgeousphotography.net for the drop off address.  Below is their sizing information:

Womens size 16, Extra Large Top, Shoe size 10/11

Extra Large short sleeve shirt, Double Extra Large long sleeve shirt, 36/34 Pants, and 11/12 Shoe size

Clothing size 3T, size 8 toddler shoes, luvs size 6

Clothing size 5t, size 6 panties, size 10 toddler shoes

Headbands, bows, cotton winter tights, girly dresses, princess dress up and shoes are a HUGE need that Lauren expressed to me.

I thank you all in advance for the support that I KNOW you will give to this beloved HGP Family in the face of such a horrible tragedy just after the holidays.  I know that together we can always come through and do BIG things for people that need it.  You all are my miracle workers and I love you for it.

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